Class Prophecy

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 [Found among my high school mementoes, but it is unsigned and the author is unknown. Apparently written for our graduation week. Author anyone? – Sandy (Jones) Scheele]

May 13, 1963

Dear Diary:

What an exciting day! I returned today to West Milton for the tenth reunion of our dear old Class of ‘53, and the things which I saw and heard reminded me that time marches on, but swiftly!

Many fond memories were revived as my plane flew over Dayton, now a quiet suburb of the vast city of West Milton. A few minutes later, I looked below and saw a large ultra-modern airport, bearing the inscription "West Milton, Ohio. Population 1,000,000." After landing, I took a taxi to Miller's Old River Park, where the reunion was to be held. A large sign at the entrance informed me that the Park was now owned and managed by the former Barbara Minnich and her husband, Bill. Janet Wood was being featured every night in a swimming exhibition.

The first two men I met were Robert Ressler, who is chief photographer for the West Milton Gazette, and Norman Bogue, the editor. They brought me up to date on the whereabouts of quite a few of our classmates. I learned that Opal Harshbarger, now married to Jim, was awarded a medal for being the world's fastest typist, and was demonstrating her technique this week, at Milton-Union University, where Nancy Hissong is Professor of Music, and married to Norman Van Zant of the Van Zant Oldsmobile Company. Clarence Honeyman, head of the Physics Department of the University, has just recently perfected colored television. Charles Rasor, who is in demand as a professional Santa every Christmas in the large department stores, is a successful farmer on his 500 acres at the edge of town. Jerry Miller and his wife, Jean, also operate a large farm, with the help of several hefty little farmers.

Jean Waymire and Bill are busy looking after all the little Foxes, who are promising material for Miami's first string basketball team in ten or twelve years. Janie Dennis and her husband Dick made the society column last week, when they entertained with a big party, celebrating the seventh birthdays of their triplets, Ricky, Nicky, and Dicky Markley.
In the sports world, Myron Puterbaugh is playing third base for the Cincinnati Reds, and Jim Kinnison, married to Janet Gray, is pitching for the New York Giants. Kenny Fetters owns and operates Fetter's Speedway for midget racers, where Dale Fetter, the eligible bachelor farmer, has won several trophies with his jeepster.

Virginia Hemmerich drove up in her luxurious Cadillac, with Marlene Beeman, Jean Beck, and Joan Botkin, who are all married and prosperous business women, in charge of the Milton Employment Agency. Virginia drove me to the swank residential section of the city to show me the beautiful apartment hotel, Hemmerich Arms, which she owns.
Driving down Miami Street, I was very much interested in the signs I saw in the business district. One impressive looking plaque read "Gary Tisor - Architect." On a large building where the Kraus Insurance Agency once stood, a sign proclaimed "Duane Weikert, Insurance. Later I was happy to find Duane and Joyce and their little son, Myers Weikert, at the Class Reunion. I learned that "Barnhart's Clothing Store" is owned by Marvin Barnhart and his wife, formerly from Troy.

"Shuttleworth" has become a big name in shoes. Jack Shuttleworth has a chain of stores from coast to coast now. He is married to Shirley Spitler who is Dean of Nursing at Ohio State University, and also finds time to look after the little Shuttleworths.
Jan Thompson, married to Sherryne, has completed his training and received his M.D. Degree. He recently hung out his shingle on Main Street.

Bud Karns, and his famous jazz band furnish music at "The Tropics," a noted night club, owned by Marvin Weiser. Phil Brumbaugh and Dick Sotzing, both bachelors and also professional football players, divide their leisure time between "The Tropics" and "The Mayfair."

Lee Kreider is the producer of a popular TV show "The Lee-etters," featuring the Singing Sisters, who are Enola Heaton, Nancy Shank, and Norma Jean Pearson, have taken the place of the McGuire Sisters on Arthur Godfrey's television show.

It seems there has been several replacements in Milton-Union High School's Faculty in the past few years. Linda Studebaker, pro basketball player, has replaced Miss Anderson, Physical Education Instructor. Rose Mary Huston, setting the world's shorthand record of 100 words per minute, is taking Miss Rhoades' place in the Commercial Department. Peggy Fisher is operating a private kindergarten, and Jack Heisey, the renowned orator, is filling several engagements in Washington DC this week.

A television show which became popular when we were in High School, is now skyrocketing to fame as the "Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Grandel Eastridge Show." De Von Jay is in charge of Jay's Drive-in Theatre, where Von Jeffrey sells foot-long hotdogs. Alan Hatfield has patented and put on market his Alan-Chalmers, a light, but durable new tractor.

Dawn Brown, married to Gary, is a secretary in the office of Norman Schul, who is the Director of Education for the State of Ohio.

Ivan Kunkleman, owner of the New Roxy Theater, is advertising a Style Review, featuring fashions by a famous Paris Designer, Madame Diane Brown. Modeling her creations, is Polly Poling, now a great MGM picture star.

Glancing around, I noticed Marilyn Sibert talking to her old "Ag boys." She told me she operates "Marilyn's Beauty Salon" in the heart of West Milton and, incidentally, is still writing to Bud.

Bonnie and Ronnie Macy are happily married and living in the suburbs now. He enjoys the reputation of being the fastest grave-digger in the State.

Twylah Burnside, who always upheld the theory of Cheaper By the Dozen, is now putting her theory into practice. She and her husband have half of that dozen – a good start on proving the truth of the slogan.

Harold Oda is now selling his latest invention, the "Oda-matic" foot warmer in Nome Alaska. Glen Bridenbaugh, a prominent swine breeder has recently developed what he calls the Pig Fer Tomorrow. We also heard that Kenny Shilt has achieved fame as a tearless onion peeler in the Lipton Onion Soup Factory. Ralph Gebhart is now boxing instructor of the physical education department at Milton-Union High School.

Bill Yates, the professional boxer, holds the World's heavyweight title, and Keith Altic draws great crowds at Miltonian Square Gardens, where his wife Mary Lou is an enthusiastic spectator at his wrestling matches.

We also noticed that the feature attracting for Saturday night at the Gardens, will be a bout between Sandra Jones and Shirley Penny, amateur wrestlers. Sandra also tours the country with her One-Man Band, and Shirley operates a Dating Bureau and Escort Service.

Vincent "Bring-Em-Back-Alive" Todd, a partner in "Roark's Fur Inc." leads an exciting life in the African Jungles furnishing "raw materials" for the business.

Loretta Warner, married to Bud, is Chief Operator of Milton Telephone Co., and Commander-in-Chief of their own private little army of boys at home.

Bea Harshbarger and her husband, Milton, are now proprietors of the world famous, West Milton Inn.

Coach Jerry Swigart, of Milton-Union High School and his wife, the former Barbara Markland are grooming their son to take his Dad's old position as guard on the team of our dear old Alma Mater.

And now, Dear Diary, I'm dozing here before the fire, being warmed and cheered not only by its glowing embers but also by the bright flame of renewed friendships and rekindled memories of our "Classmates of ‘53."